7 Oaks Plunge Pool.JPG
Seven Oaks Dam - Outlet Testing (2011)

                     ABOUT HYDRAULIC SOLUTIONS

Hydraulic Solutions Inc. is a small firm, established in 2022 in order to provide flood control/drainage educational and other engineering services related to retarding systems.  The instructor, Nadeem Majaj, P.E., is a former Orange County Flood Control District (California) Assistant Director/Chief Engineer as well as the former Director of Public Works for two cities (see resume section).  Due to his endless passion for hydraulics, he provided hydraulic engineering instruction to hundreds of students and professional engineers throughout his career. Such included lecturing at three Southern California Universities and for the American Society of Civil Engineers (on local and national levels). One of the most challenging, yet rewarding, activities in his career was the development of the Basin Analysis Software, B.A.S., which is the state-of-the-art tool for offline retarding systems and side-weirs.


Nadeem is now providing engineering services related to side-weirs, offline basins and the Basin Analysis Software (BAS). However, his most valued activity is teaching hydraulics and sharing his experience and passion for hydraulics with fellow flood control engineers. 

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