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Video of B.A.S. features


Weir Design & Analysis (I & II)

  • Spatially-varied-flow

  • Multiple weir analyses methods

  • Design Curve for optimum weir geometry selection

  • One or two weirs

  • Submerged weir analysis

  • Evaluation of design

  • Detailed reports and graphs


Basin Analysis (III)

  • Flood routing through system

  • Inclusion of tributaries into basin, i.e. creeks & storm drains

  • Detailed analyses of side-weirs including forward & reverse flows.

  • Detailed analyses of outlets including forward & reverse flows (USBR Methods)

  • Inclusion of pump outflow component.

  • Detailed analyses of spillways (USBR Methods)

  • Inclusion of a low-flow, Environmental Inlet for water- quality purposes

  • Complete customized reporting of results including report cover sheet, graphs, tables and summaries

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